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Welcome to EVS Consulting. Standing for Executive Values in Strategy, EVS provides insights into executive, managerial and leaders' values, to facilitate strategic implementation and behaviour change at the level of deep-seated personal values.

Our research shows that building change programmes and policies and strategies around people's true needs and values, results in increased operational and financial performance.

If you believe 'people are our greatest asset' is more than a slogan for an annual report, read on. We found that organisations able to align the values of their managers to the goals of the organisation, what we call 'personal (values) alignment', significantly outperformed those that don't. You can find out more in Our Services under 'Personal Alignment' in the Strategic Leadership section or in Publications under Executive Summary.

Why EVS?

What sets EVS apart is that we take a quantitative and theory-driven approach and have rigorously tested our instruments through research on executives. But values and strategy are not about how many zeros there are to the right of the decimal point.

Let's face it; the concept of values is woolly, fuzzy. But they are real. EVS makes values real for business people.

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"My client is a global financial services company with a broad base in all the major economies. We found the EVS methodology and data analysis to be a powerful way of analysing the complexities of cross-cultural working in and between different regions. The results gave the Leaders a new perspective and increased business performance."


Go to the Our Services page to discover how our values measurement and training offerings provide insights into individuals', teams' and culture's egosystem(s) - the thing that drives our cultural and strategic behaviour.


To find out more about the research we've carried out in this area, please go to our Publications page.