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Vision Improvement and Development

"The last thing IBM needs right now is a vision." July 1993

"What IBM needs most right now is a vision." March 1996

Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. Ex-CEO, IBM Corp.

Vision development for a key initiative, business unit or organisation is the most important thing an organisation can do, with significant results for the bottom line. However, most organisations struggle with the process so they resort to adapting other organisation's visions for their own. Surprise, visions all start looking the same!

Working with Les Higgins who has facilitated the US Navy's visionary process, EVS helps organisations craft visions either by:

  • Assessing existing visions, values and mission statements with recommendation on how to improve them, or
  • Making vision process interventions to produce visions which are compelling, energising and translated into goals to ensure they are executed.


The Client - The senior management team of RWE npower's Generation and Renewables business, a leading UK electricity generator:

"EVS' advice and help in developing a corporate vision for the business was invaluable, since it gave our discussions an appropriate grounding in the most up-to-date thinking in this area. This has provided us with a coherent and meaningful approach to the process and meant that the vision we have formulated has become an integral part of our business."