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Values Assessment

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Values assessment can be used as an audit tool to deal with the organisational challenges for assessing a variety of issues including HR, talent management, performance management, strategy implementation, sales training, etc. Combining the organisation's issue at hand, with the knowledge of the needs and values of workers creates new insights into ways of changing or re-enforcing behaviour to tackle issues. Like the 'Intel Inside', values data gives a behavioural dimension to your existing data, which gives insight into any organisational issue. Tack our values questionnaire to your existing survey and be wowed by the results.

Vignette: So you think it's a skills problem?

A sales-focused technology company had 20+% sales growth year-on-year for a decade. The following year sales fell to single digits. Something drastic was needed. Should the sales force be sacked? ('No' wasn't an obvious answer to the company). Did the sales force lack basic skills? Was the offering getting commoditised? Did the sales force have the skills to shift from selling tin to solutions? Were the account managers being managers instead of leaders? Or was it a motivation problem? Having 'won' financially and outperformed their targets during the years of growth, what was the next motivational step for the sales force to get them hungry to achieve?

The company knew it had to change. Auditing sales skills was a first step but it realised that true change would only happen at the level of individual values. As part of an individualised coaching offering, measuring the values of the sales force as well as sales capabilities became a key component of the recovery plan.

Do values affect organisational performance more than managerial characteristics? i.e. business experience, tenure, level of education or age. To find out more click here to view our executive summary.