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True Change


Achieving effective change in an organisation is difficult. An incredibly high proportion of changes fail (around 70% !). One of the major reasons for failure is that insufficient attention and effort is focused on people issues. Changing processes or systems will not result in achieving the intended outcomes of a change, unless the behaviours of the people involved are also changed.

We know that the way in which an individual behaves is driven by a range of things - their personality, beliefs, needs and values. Whilst you cannot change a person's values, if you understand them you can develop a strategy to engage them with a change and from this can change their behaviours.

For example, if an individual's values show a security pattern, then focusing on the aspects of a change which will provide enhanced certainty and predictability in a work context will help to underpin the development of new behaviours to support the change. Similarly an individual with a risk- and novelty- oriented values set will likely be engaged with the change through their involvement in the process.

A values audit can certainly help to identify the appropriate change engagement strategy for different groups within an organisation.