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Strategic Alignment


Based on our research, getting the strategy right is 'needed to play': it has the greatest impact on organisational performance. The pattern of strategic choices that senior management makes over time determines the positioning, strategic behaviour or orientation of the business. In our studies, there was a significant difference in performance for organisations pursuing different types of strategies. First-to-market innovators and 'Fast Followers' significantly outperform 'Defenders' that solely protect their product/market segments and 'Reactors' that lack a consistent and coherent strategy.

What is your organisation's strategic orientation? Do all the business units have the same strategic orientation? Is there misalignment between the business units in the organisation? Do business units have internal alignment, i.e. consistency within the key areas in the business?

Our diagnosis and/or workshop will highlight where misalignment within and between business units lie and what to do to ensure there is consistency in the key strategic decisions that senior management makes.