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Culture Audit


A values audit of your organisation will allow you to understand your organisations' TRUE culture - the dynamic between the values of the leader and those of the employees - versus the one that is espoused. Click here to read about the importance of organisational values to leadership.

An organisation's values audit can be chopped and diced by levels, functions, divisions or teams to assess (mis) alignment, team development issues and/or tailor communication, policies and strategies to individuals' needs to boost operational and financial performance.

Are your shared values really shared? Shared values' importance to organisational effectiveness along with other factors is well documented. Many organisations talk about 'shared values' but how do you know they are really shared? A values diagnosis can assess the quality and strength of relationships between different parts of the business and assess to what extent your organisation's values are really shared.

Are your shared values up-to-date? There are those organisations that anticipate change, those that react to it and those that are left asking what happened. As social values change, has your organisation's values kept pace? Many advantages that used to be a 'needed-to-win' in the marketplace, such as product quality, have become a 'needed-to-play'. According to population surveys, the needs and values of 18-24 year olds are different from their parents (the generation gap is real!), so their definitions of quality are different. Is your culture stuck in outdated definitions of quality? A values audit of your culture in the context of social data on changing social values, provided by Cultural Dynamics, can provide an integrated service to ensure your culture, policies, strategies and ultimately behaviour is consistent with the needs and values of current and future buyers.

Would your stakeholders recognise your shared values? Do you know theirs? Click here to see more.