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This section outlines the key people EVS consists:

The Core Team

The core team includes expertise in executive values, strategy, change management, occupational psychology, statistics and business research gained in hundreds of projects:

Dr. Scott Lichtenstein

Dr. Scott Lichtenstein

Dr. Scott Lichtenstein is a founder of EVS. He has 10 years of consulting and teaching strategy at Henley Management College. Scott researches and writes in the area of strategic leadership and consults on strategy taking a people-focused approach for companies including Marks and Spencer, Nissan UK and RWEnpower. He is a client director at Henley Management College and lectures in strategic management across MBA programmes including tailored qualifications for companies like IBM and Toyota as well as non-qualification company programmes.

Scott's doctorate was in the area of strategic leadership researching the relationship between strategy, goals and executives' personal values and their impact on organisational performance.

Professor Malcolm Higgs

Professor Malcolm Higgs

Professor Malcolm Higgs is the Director of the School of Leadership and Change and the Director of Research at Henley Management College. He moved to Henley from his role as Principal Partner in Towers Perrin's European Human Resource Management practice. Prior to this he had eight years consulting experience with the Hay Group and Arthur Young. He has published extensively in the areas of leadership, change management, team development and executive assessment. More recently he has published and co-authored a number of papers and a book on Emotional Intelligence, together with a number of related psychometric instruments.

Malcolm is a member of the British Psychological Society and a Chartered Psychologist and, as an active consultant, works with organisations on leadership assessment, development and change management.

Please click on the following link to view a list of Professor Malcolm Higg's publications

Professor Phillip Samouel

Professor Phillip Samouel

Professor Phillip Samouel is Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law at Kingston University . His career spans over thirty years both in academia and the commercial world. Between 1974 and 1984 he built Sammy George Fashion Ltd, a garment manufacturer in London, with its own label - London Lady. Since 1984 he has been running a successful Farming Enterprise. Ladyland Farm - "The Living Classroom" - is now also an Education Centre delivering aspects of the UK Science National Curriculum to over 35,000 children a year. In recent years he has been involved in extensive property development.

Besides his business interests Phillip Samouel is an active teacher, researcher and consultant focusing Business Economics and Data Analysis. In 2003 he co-authored a text on "Business Research Methods". His research/consultancy interests are business relationships both within and between organisations and their impact on performance. Most recently he has worked for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister on an assessment of Value for Money.

The Extended Team

The extended team includes Pat Dade's and Les Higgins' of Cultural Dynamics expertise in marketing, social change and human motivation.

EVS often chooses to work with Cultural Dynamics Strategy and Marketing Ltd. when appropriate:

Pat Dade

Pat Dade is an internationally recognised expert on human motivations and their applications to communications and behaviour change programmes. He is a founding director of Cultural Dynamics Strategy and Marketing, which conducts numerous studies every year into the changing values, beliefs and motivations of national populations. The basic research has been conducted for over thirty years in the United Kingdom. Over forty other countries have been surveyed in this time. Pat's work is based on a deep understanding how organizational forms impact on individual psychological structures, and vice versa. Hundreds of clients have benefited from his approaches and programs, including Unilever, Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems, Green Peace, Shell, McKinsey&Co., and Arsenal Football Club.

Leslie J Higgins

Mr Higgins is a founder Director of Cultural Dynamics Strategy and Marketing Limited, a UK-based consultancy that advises organisations of all kinds on the implications, for policies, processes and procedures, of changing cultural and individual values. He has almost two decades experience in this field. During this time he has worked on numerous projects with Applied Futures Inc. both in the US and the UK. He is, by background, a Registered Professional Engineer with more than twenty years experience in electronics R&D, planning, management and QA, having held the position of Chief Engineer Electronics for Square D (UK) Limited.

To find out more about Cultural Dynamics go to their web site: www.cultdyn.co.uk